April Update

Journal April was a shaky month indeed! A lot going on. 9-10 days of sickness at the start of the month. I have come to learn that trying to maintain habits past 5 days of sickness is very tough indeed. April was also a very busy and high pressured month for me at work. I … More April Update

March Update

N.B During fasting, I obviously could not complete certain habits i.e salmon salad, fermented foods and probiotics. As such, I have still given myself a ‘win’ for their weekly totals.

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This is a new YouTube series called Formula Foxo.  What is it?  It’s a VLOG style series, all about longevity habits.  Specifically, the habits that I am trying out with the goal of increasing my health and life spans and delaying aging. If you’ve watched my YouTube videos, you’ll be used to polished presentations.  This … More Start Here