April Update


April was a shaky month indeed! A lot going on. 9-10 days of sickness at the start of the month. I have come to learn that trying to maintain habits past 5 days of sickness is very tough indeed.

April was also a very busy and high pressured month for me at work. I am an IT project manager, and my current project went live at the end of April. The last few weeks of an IT project, building up to go live, are always the most crazy and stressful.

Thankfully, my IT project was a success and it went live at the end of the month. I then celebrated by taking a trip to Slovenia. I decided right from the start of Formula Foxo that when I am on holiday, I get a ‘free pass’ with habits, and don’t have to stick to any of them. As such – I had drank alcohol and thoroughly enjoyed it!

You can also see a couple of blocks of time where I wasn’t even recording my habits. This means that I mostly wasn’t doing them and just didn’t want to face my own failure, so I didn’t record even the ones I was doing! I really want to overcome this in the future, and still stick with tracking everything even when I’m not doing well with it.

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